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Hi there! Vishakha here. Times are changing, and today we get to see so many new styles everyday, on Insta, Fb, series, movies, songs, the list goes on..., and then there are some designs/styles that just touch our heart, and we want to have one of our own. 

..but. Where do we buy it from?

O! yes dear, We can help!

Just send us the screen-grab of the design you like and our designers will work out how much it would cost to make one for you, for your size, in the color of your choice.

Based on the fabric used, the style of cut, and present market rates our designers will estimate an approximate cost.

How it Works.

  • Step 1 - upload the design pic/screen-shot via this super quick 1 minute form

  • Step 2 - get FREE Quote - get the quote on your Whatsapp number in 24-48 hours or less  

Get a Free Quote!

Upload File

Thank you!

We have recieved your request,

our team will process the best quote and share it with you within 24-48 hours.

Take care!

You may find some prices to be much lower than the original ones. That can be due to the branding and marketing costs of those brands. Our quote is however purely on fabrics & craftmanship costs. 

At the same time you may find our quotes to be on higher side, that can be because we are quoting on making a bespoke, made to order, single piece - made fresh for you, which costs higher than mass-produced garments.

Just to let you know that different brands have different pricing methodologies, some brands deliberately price it high targeting only the rich class, some sell it at lower costs with lower profit margins, to appeal the larger market segment. 

This service is for benefit of customers, so they know how much it may cost approximately.

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