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Free Home Pickup & Delivery

Hi there! pretty excited to share this new offer designed especially with you In mind. March of 2024 is here and it is so special for us. Ladies because it's the month of international women's Day. So making it all the more awesome We decided to bring on something special that our customers have been asking us since long.

One of the major hiccups while ordering with us is the price for pick up and delivery While we have been working hard to absorb the courier charges for customers, we were unable, given that the courier partners have been steadily increasing their prices. Let me tell you as an entrepreneur providing superior service and taking care of all the costs that are involved like rents, salaries, taxes it is quite hard for us to give away a fraction of what we earn, as discount on Courier Service. Yes, we are a bootstrapped startup, so you can imagine the grind we are going thru.

Ok, I apologize for my rants, let me get back to the good news. Our team has helped to tackle this situation which turns win win for you and us as well.

FREE HOME PICKUP AND DELIVERY - every-time you place 3 or more orders with us. Win-win for you as you don't have to pay extra for courier charges no matter which part of the Country you are from, and we can absorb the courier costs dividing them under 3 orders revenues, so it hits us but not as hard.

Offer is applicable on - 3 or more orders placed at once. Could be blouses, lehengas, kurtis, kids and bridal wear.

PICKUP IN 24 Hours - once you connect with us on our whatsapp number or website, we will schedule a pickup (for your saree/fabrics) within 24 hours. All you need to do is to pack it in a cover and seal it with stapler/tape.

Dont worry about anything - our delivery partner will carry covers to pack your fabrics/sarees. We have tied up with reliable and trustworthy courier services with great track record, so you are in safe hands.

Once your package reaches us, we will start processing it. Our team will connect you for any details regarding your order via whatsapp. You will be updated daily on progress.

Once your order is ready the pictures will be shared with you so you can review it and confirm for delivery. Your order will be neatly packed in covers and dispatched to your address.

Feel free to connect for any questions.


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