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Online Blouse Stitching for you!

Hello there!

Are you still looking for someone who can get you a nice fitting blouse for you?

We have been here since 2015, making improvements as we got on this journey of making one thing super easy for our 21st century Indian Women. Blouses.

All that going in circles is now out of fashion.

Just connect with us on WhatsApp, we have got everything sorted out.

Got fabrics? Good, we can arrange pickup in Hyderabad or anywhere in India. If you are shopping online, you can send it to our address and we will take care of everything else.

Several of our customers from states send us sarees from online vendors and we do all the needful and deliver it to their address in USA.

No fabrics? no problem, we can source you silks, cottons, and other fancy fabrics.

Measurements, dont worry about it. We have perfected online measurements over these years, you can send us online measurements using our super easy measurements form. Our designer will review the measurements and catch if anything is a miss. We also help you with video calling for measurements, so we get it right.

As they say precaution is better than cure, we employ the same methodology while making blouses, we make sure all details are understood first, then made exactly according to requirements. Our stringent quality process makes sure you get what you've asked for.

Trust, as they say is hard to build and easy to lose, over the period of time we have served every customer with utmost importance and honesty, so it builds a positive experience and everlasting bond.

One way is to answer every question and respond to every message they send us. So we are always here to help. You can connect with us anytime via our WhatsApp number +918686692422. Our reviews on google and other channels are 100% genuine by our customers who have tried us and experienced our services.

Other important thing is sticking to our words. Mostly with delivery timelines. Our highest priority l