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Online Blouse Stitching for you!

Hello there!

Are you still looking for someone who can get you a nice fitting blouse for you?

We have been here since 2015, making improvements as we got on this journey of making one thing super easy for our 21st century Indian Women. Blouses.

All that going in circles is now out of fashion.

Just connect with us on WhatsApp, we have got everything sorted out.

Got fabrics? Good, we can arrange pickup in Hyderabad or anywhere in India. If you are shopping online, you can send it to our address and we will take care of everything else.

Several of our customers from states send us sarees from online vendors and we do all the needful and deliver it to their address in USA.

No fabrics? no problem, we can source you silks, cottons, and other fancy fabrics.

Measurements, dont worry about it. We have perfected online measurements over these years, you can send us online measurements using our super easy measurements form. Our designer will review the measurements and catch if anything is a miss. We also help you with video calling for measurements, so we get it right.

As they say precaution is better than cure, we employ the same methodology while making blouses, we make sure all details are understood first, then made exactly according to requirements. Our stringent quality process makes sure you get what you've asked for.

Trust, as they say is hard to build and easy to lose, over the period of time we have served every customer with utmost importance and honesty, so it builds a positive experience and everlasting bond.

One way is to answer every question and respond to every message they send us. So we are always here to help. You can connect with us anytime via our WhatsApp number +918686692422. Our reviews on google and other channels are 100% genuine by our customers who have tried us and experienced our services.

Other important thing is sticking to our words. Mostly with delivery timelines. Our highest priority lies in delivering in time. During normal seasons we deliver within 7 working days. You have option to go for Urgent delivery in 1,2 or 3 days, our team will confirm before taking your order. During peak seasons we have larger timelines due to rush, we often ask our loyal customers to book orders with us 2-3 weeks prior in such cases.

For bridal wear we suggest keeping at-least 3 weeks as buffer. Mostly bridal blouses, lehengas need to be with handwork embroidery which is a time taking process. Yes, we do exquisite handwork on blouses, that goes in sync with the stitching, so its just a perfect combination where art meets craft.

Why are we doing this when we could have spent lives easily working at some top firms? We both founders are engineer grads, have worked for 8+ years. Having been disappointed with many tailors n boutiques we thought why not solve this problem. In the beginning it seemed so easy on paper, when we barged in, we learnt the hardship and came in terms with this challenge with respect. As they say, slow and steady wins the race, we started slow, bit by bit, from 1 customer to 2 to 10 to 50 and on and on. As one would imagine the happiness it brings to see the whole thing taking shape, from fabric to the complete costume, and then the smile and happiness on our customers face, the joy is unmatched. Something inspired from Steve Jobs, as he described his happiness seeing the whole thing taking shape in front of his eyes. And, he says "Its not done until it is delivered" , right, there are so many minute things to be taken care of, a novice would always falter.

Convenience is the name of the game. This is 21st century and we are no longer the same humans who live in leisure whiling away time without looking at watch. Everything has timeline attached to it. You may not spend more than x amount of time with your friends, kids, or even at work. Traffic is going haywire and in cities it is a nightmare. Parking is another headache. Sometimes it even feels going out on road has a kind of risk factor attached to it. The internet is filled with chaos, everyone says am the best, but in reality they don't deliver. We took the internet route and soon realized the Indian market demands for physical presence to build trust. That led us to build Wishcraft Boutique, a studio where customers can walk in, spend quality time and place order with us. Yes, convenience is the name of the game, it is your choice. You can visit our studio in Hyderabad or order online, both ways you are promised with unmatched quality service. If you ask me, the safest option is Online, sitting comfortably on your couch, watching your favorite show, sipping mojito and selecting the best of designs from our catalogue. Cool.

Small is beautiful. I met a businessman when I was travelling from Pune to Bangalore in Airavat Volvo bus (KSRTC). He was owner of an export business that was growing at 10x speed yoy. I was thrilled at his relevation and asked him for some tips as I was still planning to get into the business world. The man said, small is beautiful. Though people run for making things big and bigger, the beauty of small is unmatched. I could not understand his words then but as we got into shaping our business, we realised what problems growth gets along with it. So our approach has always been to provide services to our customers as beautiful as when we were small business, even when we grow 10x, 100x bigger. Its a challenge, and something that comes in the way of growth itself.

Speed is the edge. Indian marriages have a lot to do with astrology and auspicious days and time. You wont be surprised if the marriages are planned in nick of time. You must have heard of stories where the things are planned 3 to 5 days prior sometimes. Such was the case with one of our customer Harika. Her marriage was planned just in time, leaving with mere 5 days. She asked her friends and cousins for good designers, but in vain. Luckily she found us on google. When she called, she requested delivery in 3 days, with full embroidery and stitching. Her order was immediately scheduled, fabrics and sarees picked from her place, designed, stitched and delivered as requested, in time. Its a team work, where customer also is the part of the team. Without her cooperation and patience and trust we could not have delivered. Harika was our first urgent order. We realized this is a problem most brides (and women) must be facing, so we designed our services catering to urgent needs of our customers. When you say its urgent, we understand the importance of the word and get it done for you.

Yes, sometimes customers play it safe. They ask for urgent delivery even when there is plenty of time. We follow a simple rule, whatever thou asks, will be done. For us, there is no second thought, whatever date is requested, we make accordingly.

Brutally honest. We have been critised by people at times for not taking orders. Simply put, we dont take orders if we cant meet the timelines. Our schedules are fixed and there is a margin of flexibility though, but sometimes it is just not possible to break them. So, we dont make false promises.

Our only mission is to make it super easy for Indian women to get what she wants. We have started with blouses, and plan to get into other fashion segments as we progress. Given the technological advancements, things are changing rapidly, however customer acceptance takes time and we are ready to serve the next gen needs with changing times.

Lets make this world a beautiful place with beautiful experiences. Join us in this journey, as we can't do it without you. Hope to see you soon. Namaste!


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