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Plus size blouses, made to measure

Hi there, recently I had a long conversation with one of our new customer who found us online and visited us to give us a try.

She wanted a plus sized blouse with amazing fit. Something she had been trying to get since long, but sadly no tailor could help. We made a beautiful fit blouse for her and when she tried it at our studio, she was just so happy, as if a treasure was found. That is when she spent an hour or more with us telling us about her experiences and how it is so difficult to find a good fit for plus size women. Somehow the industry has been ignoring them.

We do all kinds of blouses for all sizes, but we never highlighted or promoted this as a message. So here I am putting down few words so the world knows, there is a place where plus size blouses are done.

Yes, we have delivered online for customers and they have returned with 5 star reviews and smiles. See our Google reviews and you can verify.

So, how it all works? Just as easy as ordering with us, to get started WhatsApp us now.


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