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Saree to Lehenga conversion

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

" I have an old saree that my mom gave me as gift 5 years back, I really love it and want to make an outfit of it, I am really concerned because I dont want it to be spoiled, can you do a good job?"

Shreya from Hyderabad, called us and asked. Our reply was simple and comforting - we will do our best, you will not be disappointed.

She visited our store in Hyderabad and gave us the order. She pressed on the point that it has to be really good.

1 week later we asked her to visit us and try it out.

"Awesome. Beautiful. Thanks a lot!!" she said.

What makes our day? - a hearty smile on our customers face with a thank you.

How it works?

Online - connect with us and we will schedule a pickup of saree from your place. | will discuss details on Chat | make the lehenga and deliver as per request.

Offline - if you are in Hyderabad, simply visit us with the saree.


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