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Blouse neck designs 2022 | Online Blouse stitching

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Namaste! Sasriyakal, Vanakkam to all friends, hope and wish you are doing well. Stay safe, stay careful in these covid times. Finally things are getting back running, cant say back to normal, but yes the lockdown is relaxed, allowing the working population to get back to work. Our workshop was also closed since and now we have started rolling the operations. Here I am writing this blog on online stitching of blouses. We have been delivering online tailoring services eversince but now there is a newborn demand due to changing times. To make it easy to discuss the neck line patterns I have put them up in this blog, lets get started.

The very first thing that we women look for while deciding the blouse design is the back neckline style, right. Some prefer deep cut while some love the high neck ones, my favorite is the boat neck blouse style with a thin slit and hooks at back.

Below are the pictures/sketches of Blouse Design Patterns - starting with back neck, then front neck and then the sleeves styles. For ease of understanding the sleeves are not shown in front and back design sketches. Each design has been given a number which you can mention at the time of ordering. Feel free to use screenshots or download these to share with your tailor / designer.

Blouse Back Neck Designs / Blouse Back Design

1 - U neck Back Blouse Design

The U neck back blouse design is most popular and preferred for its comfortable and elegant look. If you prefer deep neck just mention while ordering with us. Normal back neck depth is 8 or 9 inches that most users prefer. Most youngsters prefer 10 or 11 inches deep.

2 - Curved V neck Back Blouse Design

The sharp v neck blouses tend to get torn at the v point if worn too tight, also the sharp v neck style is rarely used style, some prefer to make it a little curved to look stylish, so here is the Curved V neck back blouse design for you. Can be used for office wear and casual wear blouses.

3 - Leaf neck Back Blouse Design

This trendy back neck style goes well for partywear blouses and the ones with handwork embroidery. The Leaf Neck Back blouse design with strings and tassles. The front neck will also be in the leaf neck style.

4 - Pot neck Back Blouse Design

One of the most stylish back designs is the Pot Neck Back with dori and tassles. This style is mostly used for festive and wedding occasions. It has got some traditional look to it. If you go for maggam work / aari work / handwork embroidery, this style back goes well most of the times.

5 - Deep U neck Back Blouse Design / backless blouse design

This back blouse style is trend with the younger generation, mostly during wedding and festive occassions. Preferred for the cholis over lehenga. Almost backless with just string/dori to tighten at back. You can make it suit your style, to show or cover as much back you like to. We call it Deep U neck back with strings or dori, or simply the simple backless style blouse design.

6 - Tumblr back blouse Design

Tumblr back blouse design - mostly preferred for western style blouses. Goes well with princess cut blouse with short sleeves, the front can similar or square neck style.

7 - Three point neck or diamond back blouse Design

This is one of my favorites for velvet blouses. Mostly known as Diamond back blouse design. Suitable for casual and party-wear blouses.

Please note - this is work in progress, more neck designs coming in. Will be right back...


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