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Hello there,

the year is 2022, quite a lot has changed over years, or not?

Yes it has. World has moved online and saree shopping has too.

During covid times we have seen Instagram played an amazing role - bringing sarees shopping on social network.

myTailor has not been into saree selling as it needs another expertise we dont hold as of now, our expertise lies in stitching and designing so we are sticking to it

However, we admire the way saree shopping has changed over years. And we have seen surge of customers sending us sarees directly from the online shops. Well it just happened. A new customer may be skeptic about doing that, but a customer who has been with us over years has the trust. It started from 2018, Aruna, our customer from USA sent us bunch of sarees she had bought online. Initially we were like not to do it, as we ourselves were skeptic about the online shops selling sarees, who will take the responsibility if saree arrives damaged? Of late we have seen that these online shops are committed to delivering quality. Also we do a quality check when they arrive to our place. If there is a damage we inform the customer to follow up with the seller. So far, we have not had any major issues.

Cut to 2022, we are officially accepting sarees drop shipped to us from customers worldwide. There is a reason people like us

1) we inspect for quality

2) the sarees are safely handled

3) blouses are stitched as required (our expertise in online blouse stitching)

4) falls/knots are done for sarees

5) delivered to customers location in a safe package and in stipulated time

So it turns out - its a hasslefree way to get ready to wear saree blouse

Would you be interested to try us out? - simply WhatsApp us +918686692422



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