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Free Quotes by myTailor Boutique

Updated: May 22, 2020

Hello there, good news is that the Gov has relaxed restrictions starting today and life is slowly getting back to normal, however the virus scare remains.

The world has changed for ever, things going online. Online has become a way of life now. We remember how hard it was to push things online when we started journey, now we see its as acceptable as pizza delivery.

Ok, coming to the topic, this post answers the following questions -

How to know price of designer blouse?

How to know price of designer lehenga?

How to know estimated price to make a custom designer wear?

We have been giving out free quotes for users since 2015. Our designers work out a possible quote for the design you need pricing for, so you have a fair idea before purchasing it with anyone. Yes, we can also make it for you, but it is your choice after-all.

How it works?

- Simple : just send the picture of the design you liked via this form and we will revert with pricing in 24 hours.

yes that is it.

What next? If you like to get it made from us , we can ofcourse. Our team will assist you with further steps, like - measurements, color options, etc

Take care. Will be back !

Here is the link to the form - FREE QUOTES BY MYTAILOR BOUTIQUE



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