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Trendy Sheer Blouses

Updated: May 22, 2020

Each blouse makes a statement of its own. Since the beginning of time there were atleast 2 kinds of blouses, one that gives a sober elegant image and other that defines the sexuality. With the evolving fashion trends and designs and culture today we have blouse for every occasion. Some places we portray a elegant image, at some we are professional, and at certain occasions its essential for a bold image. You know what I mean. The latest trend is Sheer Blouses. It evolved from the super sexy transparent blouses – mostly viewed in Hollywood movies. Now wearing a transparent blouse will not be a modest style to carry around. It makes sense to design it with different levels of transparency. A must have – versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Some kinds are better left for Friday night dates, while others can be appropriate for office wear depending on how comfortable you are carrying it. No matter where you wear it - it surely will be a showstopper.

The above images are of the designs we found on internet. There are numerous great ones designed by great designers, some very intricate and some simple and easy.

Most of these blouses use soft net fabric for transparency. Then there is brasso net fabric too that looks beautiful with floral designs. Sometimes there can be intricate handwork embroidery to give it a rich and classy look.

If you like to get yourself a custom made sheer blouse for yourself, connect with us and we will be glad to help. WhatsApp us - +91 8686692422


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